is a company registered in Sofia in 2004, providing high quality dialysis treatment.


    Our vision is to improve the quality of life of the patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease in Bulgaria trough better efficiency and safety of the dialysis treatment. We endeavor to become recognized and trusted partner in the sector.



    Our mission is to provide the best possible dialysis treatment to our patients, through extraordinary care, delivered by dedicated staff in safe environment. Our success is measured by patient satisfaction, continuous improvement of high standards of treatment and care aligned to key indicators for quality of dialysis.

        These commitments ​​are fundamental to everything we do.


    1.To fulfill its mission First dialysis Services Bulgaria is continually investing in new equipment and training to expand the knowledge and skills of the medical teams in order to improve the quality of services.

    2.We are accountable to our patients, partners and employees by keeping our promises. We strive for the best results and to the highest quality. For us it is important that our values ​​and aspirations match those of our patients.

    3.We are setting high standards and expect only the best from ourselves. We seek perfection through continuous improvement and are proud of providing quality and value.

    4.Health, patient safety and quality are paramount to us. We guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality of the environment in which we treat our patients. The excellence of our medical teams directly affects our strength, reputation and the vitality of our patients. We highly appreciate the contributions and abilities of the people we work with.

    5.We aim at strong partnership with Healthcare Authorities for sustainable and affordable health services for renal patients to meet the challenges of tomorrow with confidence.

    6.These commitments ​​are fundamental to everything we do.