The most modern hemodialysis center in the Balkans opened in Plovdiv


Two ministers arrived Monday in Plovdiv, to open the most modern dialysis center in the Balkans. 

The first center of "First dialysis Services - Bulgaria" is based on the premises of Transport hospital. Its capacity over 150 patients. After it reacing its full capacity  the waiting list for hemodialysis in Plovdiv and the region will be reduced completely. 

This is the third in the city and sixth in the region hemodialysis center, said nephrologists. From RHIF announced that they have signed a contract with the new center for 12,000 procedures annually. 

Only in Plovdiv there  are more than 300 people with end stage kidney disease, and the two existing centers - University Hospital and County Hospital "Plovdiv", are trating a little less than 200 of them. Shortage of equipment exist in the region where dialysis centers operate only in Asenovgrad and Karlovo.

The new center can accommodate more than 150 patients. With its presence patients will begin on time instead at an advanced stage of renal failure, related to severe complications and the waiting list of patients with impaired kidney will shorten dramatically.

Total reconstruction of the rooms in the building of Transport Hospital have taken four months. New windows, water piping, reconstruction of the walls, so that hospital room now to take 10 beds, have been performed. The patients are positioned in separate booths so that each patient can see only 4 people at most and can feel more comfortable. Each bed has an individual TV with headphones. This allows each patient during the 4 hours as hemodialysis lasts to select and watch TV programs alone. All monitors are white and it took months to find them. 

The specific in Dialysis is that patients do not reside here, they come, perform their procedure and go, explains Dr. Valeri Tzekov. They are people who live out in the normal world by the time you need to do the procedure. Therefore, the global trend is for these centers to be separate from the hospital to not suggest patients feel that they are seriously ill. 

The center currently employs four doctors and nine nurses, and all procedures are paid for by the Health Insurance Fund. 

I've been elsewhere, but here it's different and if you ask anybody, he will tell you as I do that better than this can not be, says Peter Syrakov - a patient, one of the first patients at the center. 

The owner Serdar Eraslan, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Kydney Foundation has invested in equipment near 1.5 million leva. Jobs created so far are 16, but to be increased. 

Galina Konstantinova 


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