The most modern dialysis center on the Balkans celebrates One year


The first dialysis center of "First dialysis Services - Bulgaria" JSC is based in the building of Transport Hospital in Plovdiv. The center became operational on March 25, 2014 and is able to provide treatment to over 150 requiring dialysis. 

The new center has the most advanced system for deionization of water in the country and 30 sets of the latest model of the German company "Fresenius Medical Care" which provides treatment to approximately 300,000 patients worldwide. All equipment and supplies are from the same company that is worldleading in hemodialysis technology. The center is the only in the country that routinely uses dialyzers class FX, made of the new Fresenius' helixone membrane.

Dialysis stations are equipped with very comfortable modular beds with individual control of the lying position and individual TV monitors. This allows each patient during hemodialysis, to select and watch the desired TV programs alone. 

In the dialysis center patients from Plovdiv, Asenovgrad, Hisar, Parvomai and other settlements in the region of Plovdiv are treated. With the new center patients in the area now have the opportunity to start dialysis on time before kidney failure to reach an advanced stage, related to severe complications. 

Currently in the center are working 6 doctors and 12 well trained nurses, and all procedures are paid by the National Health Insurance Fund without patients co-payment.

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